Election in Bihar

Election results 2019 Bihar


Everyone know that the rulling government have to prove himself the better government than the earlier government to come to power again and again, but in state like Bihar something which matters more is which political party is supporting which class of people and what promising for Bihar is lost in this. The one who want to ask question about the work done for development of our state Bihar have to face problem and given tag like antinational and anti-Politicalparty and many more.


But we people of Bihar i.e know as bihari lost our pride and flowed in the fake promises and busy in fighting within own family like people of different castes and class. But this is the time when Bihar has the maximum number of youth and manforce power and this is the best opportunity for us to fight for our right and need together instead of fighting between ownself. If we see Bihar in this last 15 to 20 years then from central government, no extra donation or privilege or status is provided to us, only fake promises and superb formula been used i.e, divide and rule.


Why we give vote to political parties, we have to see before that wether that party is working or just making promises and then forget till there rulling period and then again remember that promises again in next election and this continues and never last. Bihar is state from where world learn about democracy and there republic rights and today we only forget this, or we acts like forgetten it. Why one family belong from there leader castes only give votes to there castes leader only, when we in Bihar move above this and join hand and vote to one who is right for us.


Giving opportunity twice to any political party is right situation, but on the basis of there work, that they complete the promises which is in progress but incomplete. But we give opportunity on the basis of our castes and then we cry of reservation and minorities class.


Now, in our state the next election of vidhan sabha is coming and this time we have to come ahead and make our precious vote to that party which work for our development and not on the basis of leader caste and there class. Nor we have to come in there fake promises and misguided us.



Once a time, Bihar was major part of world transportation and business. But now we are in a condition in which one can be thankful to god if they meet two time meal a day. If Bihar’s youth get job, then they think they are privileged. This all happens due to improper system and management of government in Bihar and for Bihar.

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